Eugene Peterson

Posted on 7th November 2018 by Rob May

Eugene Peterson died recently. You may have never heard of him but he has been highly influential amongst many church leaders in the UK, the USA and elsewhere. He is most famous for The Message. This is his own paraphrase of the Bible in contemporary language. It's a version of the Bible very popular with many Christians and it's well worth getting a copy or searching for it online.

He was also famous for his relationship with Bono of U2 fame.  Click here

He was a pastor and a scholar. He was also a prolific writer. It's his books that have had the most influence in the lives of church ministers and leaders. 

However, this is what caught my eye. This meme has been doing the rounds on social media. What an amazing story. He fooled everyone!

There is only one thing that matters. God loves you. God is on your side. He is coming after you. He is relentless! 


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