Our current preaching series and church weekend (at home)

Posted on 4th October 2018 by Rob May

Two things about life at HHBC:

First, it's our church weekend at home this weekend (5-7 Oct). Chris Andre-Watson who leads both Clapham and Brixton Baptist Churches is coming to speak about the impact upon faith and church of the digital age that is all around us. This digital age has the power to distract, divide and destroy community and faith if it's not properly understood and used wisely. In a church with a diverse range of ages many of our older people feel excluded from this world while many younger people are completely immersed and absorbed. It will be good to explore together how we can continue to grow in faithfulness and community without there being any sense of a digital 'in-crowd' and a digital 'out-crowd' that divides the church. Chris will be speaking on Saturday morning and then at our Sunday service. We will also be enjoying a fish and chips lunch together provided by our local chippy (Ken's), just up the road. 

Second, we are now well into our current preaching series in the letter of James. James has been a controversial letter in church history with some important theologians saying that it shouldn't even be in the Bible (Martin Luther!). But it's full of great stuff. It's largely about wisdom. Wisdom is not about being clever; it's about living well and living right in our daily lives knwoign that this is God's world and trusting in God's constant presence and faithfulness to us. James remind us that the 'proof is in the pudding'. Christian faith is not proved by being able to believe certain things; it's proved by behaving in a certain way - behaving like a Christian. Here's an interesting article from a blog I follow that is on this theme: https://thinktheology.co.uk/blog/article/are_ethics_non_essential. It's worth a look. 

Grace and Peace...